Unknown Perpetrators Tagg Church with Insults and Satanic Symbols

Country: Germany

Date of incident: November 15, 2022

In November 2022, there was an attack on a Catholic church in Augsburg, in the Oberhausen discritc. Unknown perpetrators threw eggs at the church of St. Peter and Paul and tagged it with graffiti. The graffiti said "F*CK JESUS", it also had a Satanic star and the number "666", which refers to the devil.

The police commented: "We cannot exclude the possibility of an offence, but we are not currently investigating a series of offences." After a similar case in the Augsburg cathedral in January 2023, the police said it was quite possible that someone in Oberhausen and at the Augsburg cathedral wanted to act out their "aggression, their displeasure against the church or faith". 

In Oberhausen, the church community left a sign after the graffiti attack saying: "Who still writes on the wall today??? Why don't you write to us on Insta?"

Source: MK-OnlineDomradio

Symbolic Photo from Unsplash