Vandalism Attack on the church of Saint-Lois Roi in Lyon

Country: France

Date of incident: January 10, 2023

On the afternoon of January 10, it was reported that the Saint-Louis Roi church of Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or in Lyon was heavily vandalized by a perpetrator. The vandal broke windows and tossed to the ground two crucifixes, candles, books, and cases. District Councillor Tiffany Joncour posted a picture on twitter of a broken crucifix laying on the ground after the attack. The Minister of the Interior Gérald Dramamine later shared on Twitter that the suspect had been arrested.

"While the media is indifferent, our churches continue to be victims of degradations ...This week it's the Saint-Louis Roi church in Champagne-au-Mont-d'Or that has been desecrated," wrote Ms Joncour on her Twitter account.

Source:, Twitter

Picture: Twitter