UPDATE: Charges Dropped Against UK Woman for Praying Silently

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: February 1, 2023

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce had been arrested and charged with violating protest policy near an abortion center, as she was standing on the street and praying in her thoughts. UK authorities have now dropped the charges against her, but the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) warned that charges could start again in a near future. Vaughan-Spruce has said she wants to seek a clear verdict in court.

"It’s important to me that I can continue my vital work in supporting women who’d like to avoid abortion if they only had some help. In order to do so, it’s vital that I have clarity as to my legal status. Many of us need an answer as to whether it’s still lawful to pray silently in our own heads. That’s why I’ll be pursuing a verdict regarding my charges in court," commented Isabel Vaughan-Spruce in a statement published by ADF UK.

She also added: "It can’t be right that I was arrested and made a criminal, only for praying in my head on a public street. So-called ‘buffer zone legislation’ will result in so many more people like me, doing good and legal activities like offering charitable support to women in crisis pregnancies, or simply praying in their heads, being treated like criminals and even facing court."

Isabel Vaughan-Spruce was charged for standing in an area under a Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO), which works as a "bufferzone" around abortion facilities and therefore prohibits "engaging in any act of approval/disapproval," including praying.

Source: Fox NewsADF UK

Foto: Courtesy of ADF UK

Older case: OIDAC Europe