Paint Bomb Attack Defaced Church of St. Lambert's

Country: Netherlands

Date of incident: February 17, 2023

The St. Lambert's Church in Etten-Leur was attacked with paint bombs by unknown vandals. The paint covered the front doors, pillars, stairs and a statue. The report says that the "paint had even run in under the door." The incident was reported on February 17. and it mentioned that the Church had recently finished renovating and is unfortunately ruined again. Secretary Johan Snijders explained how the paint was covering the entrance and has soaked up from the pillars, the perpetrators used multiple colours of paint. Snijders reported that the unknown person "had also left behind all sorts of items: books, candles, a laptop, a bag of jars of paint and even a broken pot of vegetables".

Snijders also added that the offender might need help. The perpetrator left a spray-painted text on the pavement saying, "Man is the cruellest animal, did you know that?"

"We have just finished a six-year restoration, now we are treated to something like this," he commented. The reparation costs "could easily cost twenty to thirty thousand euros."

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