Vandals Desecrate and Vandalize church and Leave Satanic books on the ground

Country: Italy

Date of incident: March 7, 2023

According to Italian news reports, vandals have destroyed a church of Santa Maria Ausiliatrice in the city of La Spezia. The destruction involved removing and stealing 15 painted ceramic tiles, vandalizing the baptistery, and stealing the offertory boxes, among other things. It was also reported that pages of sacred texts were scattered on the floor of the sacristy. The perpetrators also left behind satanic books. The police are investigating, but the perpetrators remain unknown.

The stolen ceramic tiles had depicted scenes from the Stations of the Cross. There was also an attempt to steal the consecrated hosts that are in the tabernacle, as it had been viciously tampered with using a screwdriver. Also, the Carrara marble baptistery was targeted.

Inside the sacristy, sacred texts were vandalized and dozens of pages were scattered on the floor. 


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