A Spanish Senator Sued for Publicly Mocking and Discriminating Against Catholics

Country: Spain

Date of incident: March 8, 2023

According to ifamnews, the Spanish Christian Lawyers Foundation has started legal proceedings against Senator Carles Mulet for engaging in acts of harassment against Christians and the affiliated organizations that publicly express their religious beliefs. The lawsuit also claims that Mulet has advocated for the removal of crosses by city councils, particularly in the Valley of the Fallen.

Senator Carles Mulet works for Compromís, which is a Spanish political party. The ifamnews reports that "Christian Lawyers accuses Mulet of one offence of incitement to hatred and discrimination (Art. 510 CP) and another of harassment (Art. 172 CP)." They argue that Mulet's words have greatly insulted Christians and led to strong reactions from those who felt attacked, especially Christian foundations.

Christian Lawyers wrote in their letter to the judge that Mulet "publicly incites hatred and hostility, discrimination and violence on religious grounds, against members of the Catholic Church in general and the Jurists' Foundation in particular".

The Senator has made several social media posts making jokes and using religious references about the Crosses being removed and destroyed. He also said he would like to destroy the cross of the Valley of the Fallen with dynamite. La Razón

Polonia Castellanos, leader of the Christian Lawyers Foundation, said: "we cannot allow anyone to use public funds to attack the cross in the Valley of the Fallen, to attack the crosses of all peoples, to insult those of us who defend Christianity and what it stands for, which is peace, respect and tolerance."


Picture: ifamnews.com