Update: School Chaplain loses unfair dismissal case over a sermon where he stated biblical teachings

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: February 27, 2023

Rev Dr. Bernard Randall, the former Trent College chaplain in Derbyshire, has lost his unfair dismissal appeal. He was dismissed and reported to a terrorist watchdog after holding a sermon in which he encouraged students to feel free to make up their own opinions regarding the school's initiative to promote LGBT workshops. Even though Rev. Bernard expressed himself respectfully and calmly, he was also blacklisted as a safeguarding risk to children by the Church of England (CofE).

After being furloughed and then made redundant by the Trent College in Derbyshire due to his sermon on the new school guidelines on LGBT ideology, Fr. Bernard Randall sought justice by taking the school to an employment tribunal over unfair dismissal, but the judge, Victoria Butler, dismissed the claim.

According to BBC News, the judge considered the process of dismissal to be reasonable as the school looked to save money after the Coronavirus' economic impact.

Fr. Bernard Randall, also quoted by BBC News, said that "It is a personal blow, but more importantly, it is a blow for all those who believe in freedom of speech, in freedom of religion, and in an educational system which opens the minds of young people rather than narrowing them or imposing an ideology that many or most in our society find troubling. It is a foundational principle of a truly democratic society that the free exchange of ideas is good for everyone." He also stated he would appeal the decision.


Source and photo: BBC News