Norwegian city under investigation for denying funding to Christian organisations

Country: Norway

Date of incident: April 5, 2023

In the Norwegian city of Klepp, nine council members are conducting investigations into a suspected case of religious discrimination over the funding of Christian organisations. It is suspected that organisations that adhere to the traditional view of marriage appear to be left out of the community grants.

Five Christian organizations in the Klepp Municipality of Norway filed complaints for what they consider having been denied community grant funding due to their views on gender, marriage, and sexuality. The case dates back to last year, but the complaints were denied on 13 March 2023.

Nine council members have requested a "legality check" to determine if the decision violated the National Public Administration Act. In December 2021, the municipality passed a new clause requiring all members within the applicant organization to be eligible for leadership positions regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, or ethnicity. Opponents of the new rule say it violates section 6 of the Norwegian Equality and Discrimination Act (It is illegal to discriminate against a specific faith).

While the Free Church in Klepp was not denied public support because their board members did not have the "discriminatory" requirements, other Christian institutions have been denied funding.


Sources: CNE NewsVårt Land

Photo: Facebook - Klepp kommune