Russian Individuals Raid the cathedral of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Crimea

Country: Ukraine

Date of incident: May 11, 2023

On May 11th, the Ukrainian newspaper reported: "The invaders are removing the property of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, but such actions are not explained in any way and no one was warned about the "raid". Russian occupants are looting and destroying the cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine (PCU) in temporarily occupied Simferopol. The invaders broke down the doors of the temple, destroy and steal the property of the Ukrainian church." One of the leaders of this "raid" is Novikov Evgeny Nikolaevich - "the Moscow bailiff who manages the seizure of the PCU temple in Crimea". The Russian individuals did not explain their actions and no one warned the representatives of the religious community and church officials about the "raid".”

According to the newspaper, the "fund of state property of the Republic of Crimea of the Russian Federation" together with the "bailiffs of the Republic of Crimea of the Russian Federation" were involved in these illegal actions. 

Source: Korrespondent

 Symbolic illustration by Iurie Ciala on Unsplash.