Teacher Faces dismissal for Questioning 'Gender Transition' Advice from LGBTQ+ NGO to 8-year-old kid

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 12, 2023

A Christian primary school teacher who questioned Stonewall and Mermaids' recommendations to support a "gender transition" of an 8-year-old student without providing any supporting medical data has lost her job and is the subject of numerous regulatory body inquiries. She is being supported by the organisation Christian Concern to contest against her dismissal. due to discrimination based on her religion.

Following recommendations from trans rights organisations, the school council told all employees to always refer to the child by male pronouns and name and that the child should be allowed to use the boys' restrooms, locker rooms, and dorms. The teacher in question, which the organisation Christian Concern names 'Hannah,' invoked the Council's and the School's whistleblowing procedure to make the case that this method was not supported by medical data or in accordance with safeguarding protocols and endangered the child's health and wellbeing. Christian Concern explains that Hannah referenced a number of professional publications from scientists and medical professionals warning against fostering "gender transition" in young children.

Nonetheless, opposition from Hannah to the recommendations led the school to accuse her under the Data Protection Act, but the Information Commissioner found no evidence of a crime and chose not to pursue further action. Hannah has now filed a complaint with the Employment Tribunal accusing the school of victimising her for making a complaint, unfair dismissal, and discrimination based on her religion.

She claims that after she raised concerns about a practice at the school that put the child's safety, health, and welfare at risk, the school fired her and filed complaints about her with numerous regulators. Hannah's case is expected to be heard by the Employment Tribunal in August 2024. 

Hannah has also written to Education Secretary Gillian Keegan asking for a meeting to address her case. The Christian Legal Centre, which is backing Hannah’s case, explains that she acted according to her beliefs and her duty as a teacher, seeking the protection of her student's health and well-being. 

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the Christian Legal Centre says: “The Policy Exchange report vindicates Hannah, but she still faces a battle for justice with the school, local authority and TRA seeking maliciously to end her career. This story exposes the confusion and untruths being embedded in primary schools which are developing into a public health crisis. The Department for Education must look closely at this case and take appropriate action to protect teachers, who often hold Christian beliefs on these issues, from being hounded out of the profession for opposing or even questioning transgender ideology.”

Reportedly, Child X's (fictitious name of the 'transgender' child) parents supported their choice and did not want other students or parents at the school to be aware of their true biology. A Stonewall Promoter who worked for the local government had directed the distribution of partisan literature to parents, which omitted any information on the dangers a 'transgender' child would encounter.

Source: Christian ConcernGB NewsExpress UK

Symbolic photo by CDC on Unsplash