Protestant Church in Austria Target of Vandalism

Country: Austria

Date of incident: April 20, 2023

On Thursday 20th of April, the Protestant Kreuzkirche in Graz was targeted by vandals. The Austrian police were able to catch one of the perpetrators. The witness Christine Pfau was working inside the church when the attack occurred. She was preparing everything for the next service when she heard a sound noice and saw a colored smoke through the windows. The Vandals had smeared the walls, the pillars and the church doors with about 15 spray cans, scraps of smoke and paint bombs and left even more rubbish lying on the floor.

The Renovation costs for the church make at least 42,000 euros. "All three doors of the church were smeared, as well as the floor, the wall and the columns. Cleaning and renovation will cost about 42,000 euros," said the 48-year-old priest, Paul Nietsche.  

sources: Kleine ZeitungKrone

picture: Wiki Commons