Serbian Orthodox church vandalised in Kosovo the night before its commemoration

Country: Kosovo

Date of incident: August 7, 2023

The Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Government of the Republic of Serbia reported and shared pictures of a vandalic attack that the church of Saint Petka suffered on 7 August. The church is located in the settlement of Suvi Do, close to Mitrovica, and belongs to the Serbian Orthodox Church. The church was attacked the night before its dedication day (temple's glory day).

According to the shared photos, it can be seen that the door of the church was forced and broken, and as reported by the Office the vandals overturned the candles once inside. The destruction was first noticed by the priest when he was going to prepare the celebration of the Divine Liturgy in honor of the church's holiday. 


Sources: Novinska agencija TanjugКанцеларија за Косово и Метохију

Photo: Канцеларија за Косово и Метохију