Pastor's Car Set on Fire in Mesoraca

Country: Italy

Date of incident: October 6, 2023

In the evening of October 6, the pastor of the Evangelical Church of Mesoraca, Giovanni Aiello, was having dinner at a restaurant in Mesoraca when an unknown individual set fire to his car. While Aiello and other guests were inside, someone noticed the flames and alerted everyone. The car was completely destroyed by the flames along with the car parked next to it. Aiello immediately filed a complaint at the Mesoraca police station. Military personnel promptly started investigations to trace the perpetrator of the serious act, examining the video surveillance cameras located in the area. Last December the pastor's mountain home in the Fratta area was also destroyed. "I thought it would end there", he said, but added that after the new attack he is feeling unsafe.

Police have been investigating the case using camera footage, as the three perpetrators even waved into the camera. There had been smaller incidents of vandalism in St. Johannes church in the past, like a smashed window and a swastika symbol painted on the church.
The perpetrator and motive remains unknown, but Aiello said "I explained to the police that I had no problems with anyone, I have no debts. I hypothesize that this gesture was based on some stupid motivation, perhaps for something I wouldn't have done. We just have to pray for these people."

Giovanni Aiello is also the pastor of the evangelical churches of Petronà, Petilia Policastro Forest, Roccabernarda, and some in Ticino.

source: CrotoneseGazetta del Sudil Quotidiano

picture: Crotonese