Four Pupils Vandalize Church in Noci

Country: Italy

Date of incident: October 11, 2023

Four teenage boys heavily vandalized the Church of Carmine in Noci on the morning of October 11. The pupils left their middle school early due to a union meeting of their teachers. They roamed the streets before entering and vandalizing the Church of Carmine. The children were in the church for 30 minutes when they broke off the doors of the tabernacle, tampered with the organ, threw hand sanitizer on the floor, threw waste inside the church, and set fire in the skylight. Luckily the fire did not spread to other parts of the church. The teenagers also damaged the security cameras, but by then the footage of their actions had already been archived. Gregorio Gabriele, custodian and manager of the Church of Carmine, notified the police as soon as he discovered the destruction. The police viewed video footage and caught the boys who committed the acts of vandalism.

While inside the church, the children also blasphemed heavily, danced, and undressed. Gregorio Gabriele posted a statement on social media, which raised anger and indignation among the citizens of Noci. According to Gabriele, a meeting took place accompanied by the boys' parents, and they "sincerely apologized" for what happened.

Sources: La Luce Di MariaRai NewsIl Giornale

Picture: Il Giornale