Man Sets Fire in a Church in Pescara after being Denied Money from the Priest

Country: Italy

Date of incident: October 15, 2023

A 56-year old man from Pescara asked the parish priest for money, but when the priest refused he started a fire near the altar. The incident occurred around 3:30 PM on October 15. The police was notified and found that a wooden bench, placed to the side of the altar, showed clear signs of combustion. The fabric covering the bench and the carpet underneath it were damaged by the flames, but the fire had already been put out by some parishioners.

Policemen ascertained that, shortly before the fire, the parish priest had been harassed by a man. The priest spoke of persistent requests for economic support from the man, who he had previously supported, but was unable to continue because of the repeated requests. Because of the refusal, the man returned to the church to commit the act of arson before quickly leaving. The perpetrator was tracked down later that same day in Via Alento and he was reported.

sources: il Centroil Messaggero

picture: Unsplash