High Court Reinstates Christian Governor Dismissed for Questioning School's Sex-Education Policy

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: July 31, 2023

A Christian governor and mother who was dismissed for raising concerns with the trans-affirming sex-education policy at her children's primary school has been reinstated by the High Court. The mother, who was granted anonymity by the Court in order to protect her children, reached a legal settlement with the school after being kicked off its Governing Body for pointing to legal errors in its Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) policy. She first raised her concerns with fellow governors in March 2021. She pointed out that the Gateshead School's RSE policy could be unlawful, and shortly later, she was accused by the school managers of opposing their "collective decision." She was removed as governor in June 2022. The High Court recognized that the decision to remove her was unlawful and she was reinstated in August 2023.

Some of the school lesson plans which she challenged include encouraging children to question their own gender identity, using the discredited "Genderbread Person" graphic, which teaches children that "gender identity," "gender expression," and biological sex can all be different, and claiming that being a "man" or "woman" is determined by personality, hobbies, and clothes - not biology. 

The Governing Body and Local Authority have both accepted that the decision to remove the mother was unlawful and acknowledged that at all times she had sought to act in line with the Governor's Code of Conduct. 

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Picture: Unsplash