Homosexual Lobby Campaign Offensive Towards Christianity

Country: Belgium

Date of incident: April 7, 2012

The LGBT association “Arc-enCiel Wallonie” runs a campaign based on 33 different pro-LGBT T-shirts. Among various messages, three of them offend Christianity: “Jesus too had two dads”, “Marie, first surrogate mother” and “GOD made me gay” (two first ones originally in French: “Jésus aussi avait deux papas”, “Marie première mère porteuse”).

The Belgian Newspaper Le Soir covered this in its Easter week-end issue entitled: “Jesus too had two dads” (“Jésus aussi avait deux papas”). Read the online article: http://archives.lesoir.be/%AB-jesus-aussi-avait-deux-papas-%BB_t-20120406-01WANR.html