Blasphemous Exhibition in Neufchâtel

Country: Switzerland

Date of incident: April 4, 2012

"Would Christ have been Gay?" is the name of the exhibition in Neufchâtel, displayed from March 29th to May 12th in the 'Galerie C' of Neufchâtel (Switzerland). The four artist argue that they wanted to explore - through art - the question of Christ’s sexuality.

The Swiss Daily Le Matin described, in an article published on April 1st: "The exhibit shows a Christ on the floor with the flag of the gay community at his feet. On the first floor, art pieces bring to light the passionate love of Judas for Jesus. Further away, an image mixes a Catholic procession with a gay pride." Christian Egger, director of 'Galerie C' says he has deliberately chosen to open the exhibition the day before Easter in order to arouse even more reactions. He also adds that he understands one could be shocked or hurt by such an exhibition. Sources: