Nativity scene in Turin destroyed

Country: Italy

Date of incident: January 4, 2024

On January 4, the nativity scene and Christmas tree were destroyed in an act of vandalism in the 5th district of Turin. The president of the district, Enrico Crescimanno, announced that an investigation would be launched to identify the vandals. He also described the act as "a disgraceful gesture against the representation of the Nativity".

After hearing loud vioces in the morning, citizens discovered the six plywood panels that made up the nativity display, a two-meter-tall sapling, baby Jesus, Joseph and Mary, the ox and the donkey, were all torn to pieces.

According to Maurizio Marrone, Piedmont Regional Councilor, what happened "cannot be reduced to a simple act of vandalism." He explains, "Continued secularist attempts to belittle and dismiss the spiritual symbols of Christmas encourage and legitimize nocturnal vandals, who take them seriously: it is necessary for everyone to take a stand in defense of our community's most sacred traditions. I hope that the municipality will express strong condemnation over the incident and work for the immediate reinstallation of the Nativity." 

Source: La stampaTorino Today

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