Statue from Nativity Scene Stolen and Church Damaged Before Christmas

Country: Italy

Date of incident: December 23, 2023

On the 23rd of December, it was reported that a statuette of the nativity scene in the church of Valdagno was stolen. Now, the crib will be secured behind bars. The thieves stole the statue of a priest holding a monstrance and by doing so they also damaged the door, some pews and the steps to the entrance door, where another statue was ripped off. The police were notified.

 In response to the crime, the crib will no longer be open to the public, but will be locked. Therefore, parishioners will have to make an appointment to see it. The church is also considering installing security cameras, as similar attacks have happened before.

Source: Il Giornale Di Vicenza

Picture from: Il Giornale di Vicenza