Holy Items Stolen From Several Places

Country: Italy

Date of incident: December 31, 2011

Several thefts of the Eucharist, for Catholic a most holy item, have been reported in Italy. People fear sacriledgeous use of the Eucharist.

Thefts of the Holy Sacrament have been reported in these places :

- Sant’ Andrea, Santa Croce sull’Amo, April 2011.

- Madonna della Pietà church (Rome) in May 2011.

- Lido di Classe’s church, Classe (Ravenna) in june 2011.

- chapel of Madonna Assunta, Bareggio (Milano) in October 2011.

- San Vito’s church,  Capaccio (Paestum) in November 2011

Source: Reported by the Nunciature of the Holy See.