UPDATE: Prosecutor Will Take Päivi Räsänen Case to The Supreme Court

Country: Finland

Date of incident: January 12, 2024

After the Court of Appeal cleared Päivi Räsänen of all charges in November 2023, the prosecutor has decided to take the case against the Finnish politician to the Supreme Court of Finland. The case started back in 2019 due to do social media postings by Mrs. Räsänen, in which she quoted a bible verse and asked the Finnish Lutheran Church to stop the support of the Helsinki Gay Pride Parade. Part of the charges were also directed against the Lutheran bishop Juhana Pohjola, who published a booklet by Mrs Räsänen about the Christian teaching on marriage and family.

Mrs. Päivi Räsänen is being legally supported by the Human Rights organisation ADF International. 

Source: CNEEvangelical Focus

Photo by ADF International

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