Man Set Fire around and inside Bordeaux-Caudéran church

Country: France

Date of incident: January 27, 2024

On January 27, a man set a fire outside of the church in a bin before going inside the church and trying to set the altar on fire. He also attempted to set fire to a chair. He was quickly stopped by parishioners before the police came and arrested him.

A 20 year-old homeless man, usually seen begging around the Saint Amand church in Bordeaux-Caudéran, decided to set fire to a bin outside of the church. Before then entering the church setting fire to a liturgical cloth placed on the altar, then attempting to set a prayer chair on fire. This is when he was stopped by parishioners who very quickly brought the fire under control. He was then arrested, and plead guilty on January 29th.

Source: Sudouest, Newsrnd

Image: Wiki Commons