Pro-Life Politician Pelted with Bottles and Eggs

Country: Italy

Date of incident: April 2, 2008

An Italian pro-life politician was pelted with eggs and bottles during an April 2 campaign appearance in Bologna. At least 15 people were injured.

Giuliano Ferrara, the leader of a popular movement for a moratorium on abortion, was making an appearance along with parliamentary candidates for the Emilio-Romagna region when the disturbance occurred. About 100 protestors, representing Communist and Green party sympathizers, hooted at the pro-life candidates, calling them "buffoons" and "fascists," as objects were hurled from the crowd. Ferrara shouted back at the hecklers: "This is not democracy!" At least 15 people in the crowd were injured during the melee. Among those requiring medical treatment were a reporter for the Repubblica newspaper and several local police officers.