Christian Manifestation Attacked by Homosexual Activists

Country: Austria

Date of incident: June 16, 2012

About 70 Christians demonstrated in a prayerful and peaceful walk against the Vienna "Gay pride parade" in Vienna on June 16th. They were attacked by counterdemonstration of activists for a homosexual agenda.

A poster of the Christians was destroyed in attack of a member of the homosexual parade. Several chants using a variety of Anti-Christians slogans were shouted or sung, including: „Jesus Christ was a homosexual who had 12 sex partners“. They also shouted: „The pope is a pig.“ A poster of the homosexual activists read: „Catholicism is cureable.“ The registered route of the Christian manifestation was blocked by a not registered group of homosexual activists. Only an extraordinary amount of police, including special units, was able to protect the Christian group from physical violence. View a video of the incident here: