Cumbrae Church's Nativity Scence Vandalised

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: December 16, 2023

A Christmas nativity scene at Cumbrae Parish Church was vandalised in Millport. Among other damages, the figure of Mary had been beheaded. The church community is shocked about the incident.

The church's Reverend Dr Graham McWilliams said he and members of the congregation were shocked to discover the damage, especially since the Nativity scene had been built by one of the church's members.

Reverend McWilliams furthermore said: "Why someone would do such a thing is beyond me. It is unbelievable. What is the value of doing it and destroying something so simple and profound that brings joy and happiness to people at this time of year by what it is depicting? It is a very sad reflection on modern society."

The police are investigating the case. 

Sources:Largs and Millport, Largs and Millport

Image: Largs and Millport