Unknown perpetrator sets fire to priest's car

Country: Italy

Date of incident: February 25, 2024

The car belonging to Father Marcos was destroyed in an arson attack outside the church of Francolise near Caserta. The mayor has condemned this incident on social media.

During the night between 24 and 25 of February, the Hyundai car of Farther Marcos Aparecido de Goes parked near the parish church of San Germano Bishop in Sant'Andrea del Pizzone, was set on fire. The Police obtained video surveillance footage that clearly shows a person pouring flammable liquid on the car. 

The small town of Caserta has been overwhelmed by reactions, and held a parade in solidarity with the priest. Mayor Sergio Tessitore of Francolise expressed his outrage, stating that the act against Don Marcos was clearly intimidating and reeked of camorra influence.

This attack joins multiple incidents this year against the Catholic Church in which the Italian Mafia is suspected to be involved in (see case link).

Sources:Quotidiano NazionaleFanpageVirgil News

Image: Quotidiano Nazionale