State restrictions at Navalny funeral ceremony

Country: Russia

Date of incident: March 1, 2024

Russian authorities have implemented significant restrictions that interfere with Christian Orthodox funeral rituals during Navalny's burial. Many fear further violations of the right to manifest one's religion or belief by hindering the religious funeral ceremony.

The funeral service for the late Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny will take place on the afternoon of March 1. According to Russian Orthodox tradition, the deceased are usually buried three days after death, with an open casket viewing beforehand to allow mourners to pay their respects. However, Russian authorities prevented Navalny's team from following this Russian-Orthodox funeral rite.

Furthermore, to obstruct the service, a surveillance camera was installed above the altar and police barriers were erected at the entrance to the church and on the grounds of Borisovskoye cemetery. According to Meduza, an exile portal, external surveillance cameras have been installed on every lamppost. Independent media sources have reported that officers checked the IDs and bags of passers-by who wanted to enter the cemetery, even days before the funeral.

Sources: BR24,, FAZ

Image: BR24 on X (formerly twitter)