Priest physically attacked in Prizren

Country: Kosovo

Date of incident: February 25, 2024

On February 25 a Serbian Orthodox priest was physically attacked in Prizen. The attack took place as a bus of pilgrims from central Serbia arrived at a seminary Prizren where they wanted to attend the liturgy. The suspect parked his vehicle nearby and displayed a "KLA" flag on the front of the bus. He then verbally attacked and provoked the pilgrims. The priest, who was also on his way to the liturgy at the seminary, advised the pilgrims not to respond to provocations and to enter the Seminary as soon as possible. At that moment, the suspect physically assaulted the priest by pushing him, bending his arm, and attacking him.

The suspect then fled in his vehicle upon seeing a police officer guarding the seminary approaching. The event was witnessed by pilgrims who chose to remain anonymous.

German Ambassador to Pristina Jern Rode thanked Kosovo police and citizens for their quick reaction after a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church was attacked in Prizren.

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Image: Wiki commons