Bishop of Karpasia Prevented from Entering Occupied Area in Northern Cyprus

Country: Cyprus

Date of incident: March 13, 2012

A new provocative action was carried out by the occupying regime in Cyprus when Bishop of Karpasia Mr. Christoforos was not allowed to enter the occupied area from the barricade of Astromeritis village. Later, he was also prohibited to go into one area of Agios Dometios. The bishop was stopped without explanation.

The desire of Bishop Karpasia and Metropolitan of Morfou Mr. Neofytos was to visit the Metropolitan Church of Saint Mamas in Morfou in the morning on March 13. The Metropolitan was permitted to enter the occupied area, but the bishop was prevented from doing so. They tried to enter using another route, but they did not have any success at the barricade of Saint Dometios in Nicosia. The Metropolitan of Morfou announced that he would not enter that area out of solidarity with the rejection that the bishop of Karpasia experienced. Furthermore, since this prohibition was seen as a measure against fundamental human rights, the Holy Synod of the Church of Cyprus decided that none of its members will visit the northern area of Cyprus as longs as the prohibition remains. Additionally, the clergy and the remaining Cypriots were exhorted to do so as well. Sources: