Christian artist banned from her own exhibition after expressing concerns about puberty blockers

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: March 18, 2024

Victoria Culf, a Christian artist, was reported to police and banned from her own exhibition after telling a Watford council worker, back in June 2023, that due to her Christian world view and as a mother she didn’t think children should transition. She is now taking legal action.

According to her own report, Mrs. Victoria Culf was setting up an art exhibition at Watford Museum on June 6, 2023, when the council’s manager of the Museum started a personal conversation with her about her child's wish to 'transition'. The employee told Mrs. Culf that she had tried to get puberty blockers from the Tavistock Gender Identity Clinic.

While the two women were having a cup of tea, Mrs Culf answered that because of her Christian beliefs and her experience working with children, she believed ‘transitioning’ is harmful and that the discredited Tavistock Clinic, which has been plagued by scandal, should be shut down.

She also raised concerns about transitioning from a medical perspective as the human brain doesn’t stop developing until around the age 24 and therefore, according to her, ‘children are too young to properly assess risk.’ She also told the other woman:  ‘I wouldn’t be being true to myself if I agreed with you.’

According to Mrs. Culf, the conversation was respectful and ended calmly and amicably. To her surprise, however, later that day the council worker shared an angry post on X/Twitter saying she had been ‘subjected’ to a ‘transphobic rant.’

Following this post, Mrs Culf received a call from the council telling her that there had been allegations of ‘harassment’, and she could not enter the exhibition without giving 24 hours’ notice because the council had to ‘safeguard’ the council worker, Christian Concern reported. 

According to The Times, however, the Hertfordshire Police later said no crime had been committed. A Hertfordshire Police spokesperson said: 'This did not meet the requirements of a non-crime hate incident (NCHI).'

Furthermore, she was told that the police were investigating her for a ‘hate crime’ and that she needed to prepare a statement. During the exhibition, which she herself was not allowed to attend, her artwork was broken.

Meanwhile, she was excluded from a community art project organised by a private company, BEEE Creative, allegedly under pressure from the council, Christian Concern reported. BEEE Creative told her that her contract would have to be terminated because the council had banned her from the museum and her participation in the project was no longer practically possible.

On March 18, 2023, Christian Concern reported that the artist is now taking legal action against the council for breach of contract, discrimination and harassment. 

Sources: The Times, Mail Online, Christian Concern

Picture: Christian Concern