ISIS boasts of "killing Christians" in Moscow attack

Country: Russia

Date of incident: March 22, 2024

On 22 March, a terrorist attack targeting an event location close to Moscow resulted in the deaths of at least 137 people. Gunmen armed with automatic weapons opened fire during a crowded concert at Crocus City Hall. ISIS statements claiming responsibility for the attack boasted of “killing Christians”.

According to a statement on its propaganda channel Amak, the attack targeted "thousands of Christians" in a music hall.

It is worth noting that the attack was framed as an attack on Christians, which is consistent with Islamic State's ideology and, once again, reveals the radical anti-Christian dimension of the terrorist group's activity. 

According to the news agency Amak, which is the mouthpiece of the IS militia, the attack was linked to the ongoing conflict between the Islamic State and the Christian countries that are fighting against it. The agency announced on the short messaging service Telegram that the attack targeted thousands of Christians in a music hall and that 'up to 300 Christians' had been killed.

The assailants set the venue on fire, causing it to partially collapse. This incident has been described as the worst terrorist attack to hit Russia in 20 years.

Update: In an audio message published on Thursday, the IS spokesman Abu Huthaifah al-Ansari called on the movement's 'lone wolves' to attack and target Christians and Jews during the current month of Ramadan, particularly in Europe, the USA, Israel, and Palestine. oe24MerkurTagesspiegel

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Image: Wikipedia