St. Oswald's Parish Church Reduces Opening Hours After Vandalism

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: August 1, 2023

St Oswald's Parish Church in Oswestry has implemented new opening hours in response to reports of vandalism and unacceptable behaviour on its premises. In a Facebook announcement, a church spokesperson expressed regret over the need to reduce the opening hours, citing recent incidents of vandalism and unacceptable behaviour as the driving force behind the decision.

The decision to adjust opening hours aims to protect the historical significance of St Oswald's Parish Church, one of Oswestry's oldest buildings, with its tower dating back approximately 1,000 years. The church hopes that by reducing the opening hours and encouraging more visitors, the presence of people will deter further instances of vandalism and maintain the sanctity of the premises.

The church urges community members to come together to support and safeguard the town's heritage, buildings, and cherished spaces, emphasizing the importance of collective responsibility in preserving the integrity of Oswestry's landmarks. 


 Image: Dylan Freedom (Unsplash)