Four Crosses Defaced with Islamic Graffiti

Country: France

Date of incident: February 15, 2024

In Dordogne, four large public crucifixes in separate towns were defaced with references to Islam sometime between December 24, 2023 and February 15, 2024. Two of the crosses were located on the side of the road in Saint-Pantaly-d'Excideuil, the two others in Cherveix-Cubas. One cross, built in the 1800s in a village of 146 people, had the word “Islam” and a crescent moon sprayed on it. Another inscription read “Allah”. Yet another cross was spray-painted with, “Today is the land of infidels, tomorrow the land of Islam.”

Responding to this vandalism, Quentin Marty, a Catholic farmer of land where one of these crosses was desecrated, said, "It’s despicable, sickening, childish… And it’s a reflection of today’s society. Everyone makes fun of everything. I am ignoring the sacrilege and I am not going to engage in hateful speech, but those who wrote this are imbeciles who do not respect the religion of our ancestors."

Thierry Niquot, a priest and administrator of an affected parish, said “There is no need to add fuel to the fire,” and that accusing Muslims “must be avoided at all costs.”

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