Bust of Christ Vandalised at Rennes Church

Country: France

Date of incident: March 20, 2024

A bust of Christ was vandalised and the church door damaged in Church of Saint-Germain in Rennes. The vandalism was discovered by the parish priest, Father Philippe Hebert, on March 20. The priest lodged a complaint the next day, investigations are ongoing.

Father Philippe Hebert commentet on the incident, saying: "The bust of Christ in the weekday chapel of Saint-Germain had been smashed against the door of the sacristy, probably in an attempt to force it open,

"I would point out that this act seems to be motivated by a desire to steal and not a desire to desecrate. The person or persons involved first tried to force open the sacristy door with a crowbar and, when they couldn't, probably used the bust of Christ as a battering ram."

Fr. Philippe also called for a peaceful response: "May we bear witness to the presence of the Risen Lord in our midst by remaining in his peace and renouncing any desire for revenge. In this Holy Week, we celebrate Christ's victory over death and sin. He gives himself totally, defencelessly, out of love for us and calls his disciples to give themselves for their brothers and sisters".

According to the media, the incident is another example of the rise of damage, incivilities and other disrespectful behaviour against churches in the French region of Brittany and ist capital Rennes.  

Sources: Breizh Infoouest france

Image: Philippe Hébert (Breizh Info)