Vicar Offers Aid After Church Theft

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: March 15, 2024

While the choir was practising in the early evening of March 15, various donated items worth £1,000 were stolen from the St Matthew’s Church in Burnley. However, the vicar Father Alex Frost, reaches out to people in need offering help in response to the theft.

Father Frost said about the theft: “It happened in the early evening when my choir was practising. The door hadn’t been locked and the person in question saw the light on, tried the door and entered the church. He started rummaging around in the vicar’s vestry and took some valuables. Items that had been donated for charity had been moved. A watch was stolen.”

The church urged visitors not to leave valuables unattended following the incident. Police investigations are ongoing. “While we wish to support the most vulnerable people in our parish, criminal activity will not be tolerated, and perpetrators can expect to face the criminal justice system with our full support," says Father Alex Frost.

However, instead of speculating about motives the culprit, Father Alex said: “It is a shame as [we believe] this was a person we helped out in the past with food vouchers. It is a bit of a kick in the teeth. It shows you how desperate some people can become. If you are struggling then please reach out to us. If we can help you, we will. We can signpost you in the right direction, in terms of help and support. We can provide food vouchers for you. You don’t need to steal from the church. I hope the person responsible gets the help they need.”

Already in November 2022, Father Alex Frost has raised attention to a phenomenal rise of people asking for help in light of rising living costs the BBC reported.

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Image: Linkedin