Prime Minister Thinks Teachers Should Not Be Allowed to Teach that Homosexual Behavior Was a Sin

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: September 16, 2012

Prime minister David Cameron thinks that faith schools should not be allowed to teach that homosexuality is a sin, according to a quote featured by the Daily Mail.

According to the Daily Mail’s Andrew Pierce, when Mr Cameron was asked if faith schools should stop teaching that homosexuality is a sin, he said: “Basically, yes, that’s the short answer to that, without getting into a long religious exegesis.  “I don’t want to get into an enormous row with the Archbishop here. But I think the Church has to do some of the things that the Conservative Party has been through — sorting this issue out and recognising that full equality is a bottom line.” A leading human rights lawyer warned that if gay marriage is legalised, teachers and others could be forced out of their jobs if they fail to endorse such unions. Aidan O’Neill QC also warned that foster carers could be barred from looking after children if they say they disagree with allowing two people of the same sex to marry.

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