Islamist tried to murder Christian convert he considered an 'apostate' who 'deserves to die'

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: October 15, 2023

On April 11, Ahmed Alid, an Islamist extremist, stood trial at Teesside Crown Court, Middlesbrough, for murder of a pensioner and attempted murder of his housemate Javed Nouri, a convert to Christianity. According to the prosecutor, Alid considered Nouri an apostate and “therefore somebody who deserved to die”. The incident happened last October.

During the trial, prosecutor Jonathan Sandiford KC said that on October 15, Ahmed Alid, armed with two knives, kicked open the door of his housemate Mr Nouri’s bedroom and shouted “Allahu Akbar” – God is great – before stabbing him several times including in the chest. 

According to Mr Sandiford, Mr Nouri, who was already in bed, fortunately was able to fight off the defendant. Alid, still armed with one of those knives left the house, went onto the streets of Hartlepool where he stabbed a pensioner Terence Carney, 70, who died at the scene.

Alid was arrested by armed police at the corner of Victoria Road and York Road. The knife was said to be in his waistband. According to the prosecutor, he told the police that he wanted to kill people because of the conflict in Gaza, wanting “Palestine to be free from the Zionists” and that Britain had created what he described as ‘the Zionist entity’.

Mr Sandiford also said that Nouri and Alid initially got on until the defendant found out Nouri had been a Muslim who had converted to Christianity. Sandiford said Alid considered Nouri an apostate and “therefore somebody who deserved to die”.

Sources: BBC, The Guardian, Hartlepool MailThe Independent

Image: Teesside Court (c) Oliver Dixon