Jesus Figure Stolen from Easter Crib

Country: Italy

Date of incident: April 13, 2024

In the afternoon of April 13, a statue of Jesus was stolen from the Easter crib in the Consolation Parish in Via XX Settembre in Genoa. The first scene of the Easter crib displayed Jesus entering Jerusalem on the back of a donkey.

The theft was noticed by parish priest Father Pierluigi De Giacomi. He said: "I, like all the volunteers who worked on this first Easter crib in our parish are speechless, we are incredulous. We don't know if it was a prank, but we hope that whoever did this will think again and get the statue back".

"On Sunday, we closed the crib for fear of other thefts, then we decided, together with the volunteers who made it, not to give in to the thief," added the parish priest, "so while we wait for a new statue, the crib has been reopened, and instead of the empty space, in the next few hours we will place a print of the photograph of the scene with the word 'stolen' written on it, who knows, maybe it will be a cause for further reflection."

Among many tourists passing through Genoa, according to Fr. Pierluigi De Giacomi, a Protestant pastor from Geneva wrote "Passing through Genoa we see this crib, first time we have seen it, incredible, a marvel. Thank you for this gift to your Church."