Sacred objects stolen from Great Yarmouth Minster upset community

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: April 12, 2024

Great Yarmouth Minster Church was broken into twice within two weeks, first overnight between March 29 and March 30 and then again on April 12, 2024. Besides stealing money the thieves also broke the windows of the church and took sacred objects, namely the bread and wine which has been blessed and kept reserved and some of the sacred oils. "So many people in Yarmouth feel hurt by the fact that a place they consider special and important to community life has been violated," the church Reverend said.

Reverend Simon Ward furthermore underlined that the stealing of holy items has upset the community and the damage has created a burden for volunteers. He also shared that the congregation was particularly hurt by the fact that sacred objects were stolen: "Several people got quite upset then because [these things are] actually more precious to us.” 

The police arrested a man in his 40s from Great Yarmouth in connection with the burglaries. 

Sources: Eastern Daily

Image: (c) Adam Cuerden on Wiki Commons