Teacher Flunks High School Student for Saying that Homosexuality is an “Abnormal Orientation"

Country: Sweden

Date of incident: September 1, 2012

During a biology class a Swedish high school student spoke up and called homosexuality an “abnormal sexual orientation”. As a result of this comment the teacher flunked the student. The reasoning of the teacher is that it is the task of the educational system to teach pupils respect for all sexual orientations. The opposing view of the student doesn’t correspond to the curriculum’s goal.

After the student’s parents reported the case to the school board, they investigated the case. The board concluded that the school should have provided extra support and the teacher should have informed the parents, when it became clear that the student was at risk of failing. However, the school board will not take any action since the student has completed upper elementary school.

After the story hit the news, it sparked a vigorous debate in the public regarding the endangerment of free speech in Sweden. Concern was raised on internet forums that the Swedish school system should not be an indoctrination centre. „The Swedish school should teach students to think critically and have their own opinions, but here we have one student who chose to have a non-politically correct opinion and was punished for it”, said one commentator.


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