Vandalism and Fire in Hilders Church

Country: Germany

Date of incident: April 21, 2024

On Sunday, April 21, unknown persons entered the Catholic Church of St. John the Baptist during official opening hours, tore flower decorations from the benches, destroyed sacrificial candles and burned paper in several places.

The police remarked that the damage remained limited: “Fortunately, this did not cause a fire, but a church pew was slightly damaged,” the press release by the police in Fulda reads. The material damage caused amounts to 100 euros.

"It is frightening that people do something like this and apparently have no respect for what is sacred to others," Carsten Noll, the parish priest of the St. John the Baptist Church said. According to him, perplexity and consternation prevail in the parish since the incident.  

Sources: Osthessen Zeitung, Fuldaer

Image: m63mueller from Pixabay (Symbolic Image)