Repeated vandalism of chapel in Torfaen

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: April 23, 2024

The chapel of Bethlehem Church in Blaenavon, in the south of Wales, has become a target of vandalism three times within three weeks. According to media reports, parts of the out buildings at Bethlehem Church have been vandalised and a wall and step were damaged. Furthermore, urine was discovered in the church doorway.

A spokesperson of Bethlehem church said that "this is the third time in as many weeks something like this has happened."

On Facebook Bethlehem Church Community Group said: "Once again, we come to our lovely chapel to find parts of the out buildings have been vandalised, a wall and step damaged and urine in the church doorway. There are no words to describe quite how we are feeling right now."

The police are investigating the case.

Sources: South Wales ArgusBethlehem Church Community Group

Image: Jaggery on Wiki Commons