Right-wing slogans and swastika daubed on church doors

Country: Germany

Date of incident: April 27, 2024

In the village of Hesborn, the parish church and the cemetery chapel were smeared with right-wing slogans and symbols. Early on Saturday morning, April 27, a large swastika was found emblazoned on the church door and "Foreigners out" was written on the door to the cemetery chapel. Police and state security are investigating.

The parish church, which is otherwise freely accessible to the public, remains temporarily closed for security reasons. 

Shortly before, on April 17, the St. Francis Parish Church in neighbouring village Dreislar was also daubed with graffiti: The abbreviation “ACAB” (which stand for the insult “All police officers are bastards") was left by vandals on the church door.

Also, it should be mentioned that this is not the only case of vandalism reported in the Dreislar district of Medebach; the same message was smeared at the fire station where a car had also been set on fire. 

Update: On April 30 the police arrested two men in connection to the arson attack on the 

Sources: Westfalenpostsauerlandkurier.depr-mh.de

Image: Facebook (Pastoraler Raum Medebach-Hallenberg)