Attempted petrol bomb arson attack on Glasgow Baptist Church

Country: United Kingdom

Date of incident: May 15, 2024

On Wednesday, May 15, an unknown perpetrator tried to set fire to Dennistoun Baptist Church in Glasgow with a petrol bomb which exploded in front of the entrance door of the church. Images show the charred pavement in front of the church. Police received reports of attempts to damage Dennistoun Baptist Church on Finlay Drive at around 10:50 a.m., and an investigation has been launched.

The members of the church were informed about the attempted arson attack through a post on the Facebook group, reading: "We just wanted to make you aware of an attempted arson attack last night at Dennistoun Baptist Church; a petrol bomb exploded outside our front door at some point between 9 pm (Tue 14th) and 9 am (Wed 15th)."

"As a community church we love Dennistoun, running a weekly football group for men, English classes for refugees and hosting the Dennistoun Diggers garden, to name a few things," the post further reads. "We’re shocked and saddened that this has happened. Any help around this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for taking the time to read."

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