National Pro-Life-Manifestation Attacked by Radical Left Wing Groups

Country: Germany

Date of incident: September 23, 2012

Every year in September, a national pro-life-manifestation - the March for Life takes place in Berlin. Radical groups disturb the peaceful marchers each year - with methods ranging from insults and hurtful chanting, to blocking of roads or venues, to property damage or physical violence.

The motto used to disturb the March for Life in 2012 was “March for life – what the fuck. Against Christian fundamentalism and the ban of abortion.” Typical slogans people shouted were, “No God, no state, no patriarchy.” “More anal sex.” “Keep your rosaries out of our ovaries.” They showed the image of a crucified pig with the slogan: “Jesus, you sacrifice”. During the manifestation, when one person talked about a father who agreed with the mother to have a disabled child with Spina bifida, the harassers shouted, “Fucking father.” When a young mother with her five-week-old baby told her story the harassers cried out for abortion.

In September 2010 harassers threw a burning Bible towards the demonstrators, destroyed crosses in the public and threw other crosses into the river whereby almost injuring nearby people on a boat. Condoms were stuck on crosses. During the church service after the march two women took off their clothes in the middle of the church.

Pro-life marches have to be protected by hundreds of police units because the anti-demonstrators showed and show a high potential for violence against peaceful demonstrators.


Source: known to Observatory.