Pro-Life Advocates Arrested for Displaying Abortion Posters

Country: Poland

Date of incident: August 2, 2012

Mariusz Dzierżawski, founder of the Warsaw-based PRO Foundation – Right to Life, and a fellow PRO Foundation member were arrested by the local governmental authorities during an approved anti-abortion rally at the entrance of the Woodstock Festival held in the western Polish city of Kostrzyn.

The PRO Foundation has for many years set up a display of graphic abortion pictures at the event in order to promote discussion among attendees.  “The police apprehended us under an absurd charge of presenting indecent images in public - a charge dismissed in courts on multiple occasions so far,” Dzierżawski told LifeSiteNews. A retired judge of the Polish Constitutional Tribunal as well holds the opinion that the police made an unlawful apprehension. “The way the police acted, was, in my opinion, against the law. Everybody has the right to protest, everybody has the right to partake in an assembly, everybody has the right to express their views”. Mariusz Dzierżawski stated that the restrictions on free speech and the freedom of public debate continue, but that he seeks to continue the fight for these basic human rights. Sources: Lifesite News: