Turkish-Origin Youth Gang Bullies Protestant Parish

Country: Germany

Date of incident: March 21, 2007

A Turkish youth disturbed Protestant church services for weeks at a time by making noise in front of church windows in Oberstenfeld (Baden-Wurttemberg).

According to the report of a local newspaper, the young Turkish people have been meeting in a park near the church in Oberstenfeld (Baden-Wurttemberg) in the district of Ludwigsburg. They proceed to interfere with noisy music and yelling during the devotional services. The police had to intervene several times because the church had been purposely attacked with firecrackers. A church employee of the protestant parish expressed her sorrow about the continuous  disrupting behavior, and fear that the services could only take place under security protection. Source: http://www.politikstube.de/forum/innere_sicherheit_justiz/7598-tuerkische_jugendliche_tyrannisieren_kirche.html