28-Year-Old Postal Employee Dismissed For Refusing to Distribute Sex-Flyers

Country: Switzerland

Date of incident: April 21, 2010

The postal worker Emmanuel N. was fired because he refused to distribute erotic flyers on the grounds of his Christian faith.

Mr. N. had been working for the postal service for ten years. At the end of March, the young father of a baby was fired for refusing to distribute promotion flyers for an erotic market, in which sex toys, pornographic images and other pornographic content were shown.  "The promotion campaign was legal, but immoral," said N., who had also refused to distribute brochures of a sect and a paper promoting abortion. A spokeswoman of the Post justified the dismissal saying: "It is not the job of the post to censor any mailings,” N. countered replying: “Ten years ago, there never would have been such an advertisements. The moral levels of society have totally fallen. " Sources: "20 Minuten": http://www.20min.ch/news/kreuz_und_quer/story/Poestler-boykottierte-Sex-Flyer---gefeuert-19497165 Kath.net: http://www.kath.net/detail.php?id=26343