Vandalism of Beauvais Cemetery

Country: France

Date of incident: June 20, 2024

As reported on June 20, several graves were found vandalised in the Tilloy cemetery in Beauvais. Pots were overthrown, flowers were on the ground, plaques were broken.

Franck Pia, the mayor, expressed her alarm: "Ashamed ! I am disgusted by the damage that occurred at the Tilloy cemetery. The author(s) have no dignity, no empathy, no form of respect for the deceased and their loved ones. "

Mamadou Ly, the deputy mayor, appealed to the vigilance of the community: "Thefts and damage to cemeteries are unspeakable acts that give rise to a profound lack of humanity. We call for everyone's vigilance and solidarity in order to protect these places of meditation."


Source: L'Observateur de Beauvais, L'Observatoire de la Christianophobie,

Image: Facebook